Source code for pygenprop.literature_reference

#!/usr/bin/env python

Created by: Lee Bergstrand (2017)

Description: The literature reference class.

[docs]class LiteratureReference(object): """A class representing a literature reference supporting the existence of a genome property.""" def __init__(self, number, pubmed_id, title, authors, citation): """ Creates a Reference object. :param number: The position of the reference. :param pubmed_id: The PubMed identify of the literature reference. :param title: The title of the literature reference. :param authors: The author list of the literature reference. :param citation: A citation for the literature reference. """ self.number = int(number) self.pubmed_id = int(pubmed_id) self.title = title self.authors = authors self.citation = citation def __repr__(self): repr_data = ['Ref ' + str(self.number), 'Pubmed ID: ' + str(self.pubmed_id), 'Title: ' + str(self.title), 'Authors: ' + str(self.authors), 'Citation: ' + str(self.citation)] return ', '.join(repr_data)